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open the window – let new information in

Knowledge that explains events better than our prior understanding of how things worked is a welcome breath of fresh air. But open windows make us vulnerable. Stuff we don’t want can fly or blow into our safe, controlled spaces.

It is absolutely natural to analyze, categorize and permanently store information about everything in our known world so we can focus our senses on the new and extraordinary which could pose fresh threats or opportunities. This pre-judging that a tree will always act like a tree, a road will always be a road, water can be counted on to behave like water and so on MUST be how animals operate or they would be completely unable to function.

Deceivers work with that behavior. They lead us into a false reality. They abuse our trust. We are brought to doubt the truth and trust the fiction. It is not necessarily the most brilliant mind that works through the fog to find truth, but it absolutely must be an open one.

There could well be a relationship between innate intelligence and ability to escape the propaganda. Small minds may not have the capacity to hold onto useful prejudices while working through reality checks on new information. I do not think extraordinary brains are required, but I don’t find simpletons among the enemies of The State. I also suspect I will never hear of one reading my blog.

Not that reading is the exclusive turf of the intelligent. There are certainly many minds of all capacities that choose reading or not for a multitude of reasons. I have found today’s Bitterroot Bugler video audience to be larger than that reading my and blogs.

So, while I am a writer, more important to me is that I am also an analyst, communicator and freedom fighter. Therefore I put ideas like this into videos such as the one at the top of this page.

While my videographer skills, equipment and “production crew” may be at the lower end, I am exercising my artistic creativity a little to add some texture to my shows.

Here at Day 25 in my countdown Advent Calendar I do have my fair share of things to get completed while the living is easy. Adding people to this side of the rampart, and helping inform them does fit in there somewhere.

Sharing links to the articles and videos with people who might be open to them would be a useful contribution that any of you could do.

I do not have much time anymore for people who are not potentially open to questioning the official narratives. Deciding THAT has increased the time I can apply to useful activities, relationships and preparations.

Looks like today is The Day I scatter my cover crop seeds. There are several days coming up for indoor activities, and the rain will help establish whatever might get started before winter sets in.


– Ted