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*USEFUL DISCOVERY* slashing the Christmas list

In a master-stroke moment I have come up with a way to dramatically shrink the list of people on my Christmas giving list… kidding, of course, but using this picture as a signature on my e-mails ought to shrink the circle of folks willing to communicate with me by 50%.

The great news is those that remain in my circle are the thinkers, more creative, courageous and willing to stand up when the going gets tough.

I have done my fair share in exposing the mask fiction – and in the company of towering Giants doing so much more and far better. Continuing to accept mask wearing is religious fervor, irrational fear and/or ignorance.

The Bitterroot, that place and attitude that attracts manly men and stalwart women, we see mostly unadorned, natural faces smiling, talking, whistling and doing what humans have done forever. We have to head downstream to find more compliant populace … assuming we want to see that crap in person. When I do I smile sadly at their admission of inferiority and ignorance.

As often as not, they are wearing their scientifically-proven INNEFECTIVE MASK in a way that makes them blatantly useless. Nevertheless, even that achieves the goal of masking up – signaled compliance.

I am ranting. In every useless mask worn effectively or not The Globalists see success. I see failure; mental and emotional weakness on parade.

More measured information is in prior posts and videos below. Needless to say, at the very outset, I took an analytical approach to the “recommendation” that we don face coverings and smelled psy-op from the start. The science is not with the masked men… well, health science anyway. Maybe political science and re-shaping the human population into something more easily controlled is with them.

Give up. They are better and smarter than you are.


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Here is a collection of my favorite six videos on the subject of masks at my Brighteon channel.
One of them is below.