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Advent Calendar … with a twist

If you have been reading my posts here over the last month you know my sources point to The New World Order landing around the scheduled November 3rd USofA election. Nothing will be “NORMAL” after the confluence of freaky events in the vicinity of that date. It might begin rolling over us plus or minus a week, but I am not planning for normalcy much past that date.

So I took my working calendar, the one with events PENCILED IN and numbered the days of the next month. Starting with November 3rd as Day Zero, November 2nd is 1 day before TSHTF, November 1st is 2, October 31st is 3 and so on.

Today, October 5th is 29 days until The World As We Know It dramatically changes.

I am not doing or recommending anything really radical, but if you and I keep the number on our count-down calendar in mind, it really focuses priorities for us. Acting as if we have 29 days of stocked shelves, paper currency having value, readily available cheap gasoline, affordable power of all kinds, freedom of movement without fear – let’s call that Condition Yellow.

Put non-essential preparations, purchases and projects off until after November 4th.

If TS does not HTF, what have we lost?

Do nothing inconsistent with longer-term normalcy, but acknowledge the convergence of distinctly non-normal events on many fronts with a little focused priority setting and activities.

The Boy Scouts had it right … once upon a time.