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What should you do between TEOTWAWKI and TSHTF?

33 Days and counting …

My rather new Brighteon Bitterroot Bugler channel is far more popular than my mature blog or my even more mature blog. What does that tell me?

People would rather watch me talk than read my writing. Beyond that are assumptions and conjecture. However, my response is going to be more concentration on video essays. THE POINT is to communicate as well as I can what I see coming at us. My tiny audience has spoken. I am responding.

Here is a video of what I would write about the appropriate response to where we are in space and time.

I am operating under the assumption that the numerous looming disasters are going to converge on The World As We Know It around the USofA election date. Plus or minus a little, but those who are paying attention to the various threats all peg their disastrous culminations around then. The theoretical convergence will most likely become a horrible reality.

Plan accordingly.

This video contains suggestions for your planning.

For my loyal readers who don’t want videos, I will say that I am encouraging you TO THINK about your community and what it will need when the grocery store shelves are empty and the bank doors are closed forever. While this scenario seems inconceivable to us, the century of easy living is coming to a close. Incredibly evil people have wormed their way into power and are eager to destroy a world where they are mere peers in order to have a New World where they are kings of a dung heap.

They really are that sick.
What are you going to do about it?

The rest of your life depends on what you do in the next 34 days.

The excrement is rapidly approaching the rotating ventilator.
The shit is about to hit the fan

Will you stand there slack-jawed, open-mouthed as it happens,
or will you spend the next month gearing up for a dramatically changed world?

I merely suggest the latter as a superior course of action.

Think about your community.
Consider what it might value.
Be a person of value.
Plan for it.
Prepare for it.