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You have 35 days left in this world

We are between TEOTWAWKI and TSHTF. That is to say that the world as we knew it at the beginning of this year will never come back. It ended. Forever. However the worst is yet to come – in BIG WAYS.

Most analysts who have any credibility put the latter date on or around the USofA November election 35 days from now. It could easily be plus or minus a few days, but The Big Ugly is on the visible horizon.

Warnings come to us from people studying their own specialties;
all are converging in about a month:

weather, environment, crop failures and numerous hits that the global food supply chain is suffering
global politics, friction and threat of regional wars expanding soon into global shooting war
trade wars disrupting supply chains, often predicted to morph into shooting wars
Five Gee disrupting all life on Earth at the cellular level
DNA-altering, destructive vaccine being forced on all humans
National emergency agencies gearing up, stocking up for disaster they see coming
Grocery chain executives are developing security plans to enforce unpopular purchase rationing
4th-generation-war analysis indicates ANTIFA, BLM, and other violent activists gearing up for climax
Marxist Democrats preparing to violently contest the November election – perhaps even before it takes place
International banking is preparing to replace all currencies worldwide with a centrally-controlled crypto-currency
Resistance to THE VACCINE is building alongside growing knowledge of what it will do to humans
Call it a Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War III, but it does look a lot like genuine shooting war coming our way SOON.

You are facing the two fundamental choices that Aesop described in The Ant and The Grasshopper.

I do not have a recommendation for you on which is the right one. In my household we tend towards the ant side of the story. But that grasshopper had no worries, concerns or discomforting moments until the un-good was overwhelming.

Twenty five years ago a very good friend couldn’t understand why “I worried about such things”. I have to admit his 25 years of power boating, skiing, trips, cruises and sunny California grasshopper living looked like a lot more fun than my serious living was. He and his family were liberated and happy in their unthreatened world. By his standards, I wasted a lot of time being overly serious. That was a lot of days, weeks, months and years of concern and preparations for ugly things that never took place while he lived The Good Life.

Here we are. I have been watching THE ABYSS approaching for a quarter century. He has been living The American Dream. I think we are about to get whacked up the side of the head. He sees no threats on the horizon. He is in good company, or at least A LOT OF COMPANY. The grasshoppers outnumber us 10, 20 or more to 1.

Perhaps we are wrong. Maybe all these concerns are empty threats and those altruistic geniuses running the world will continue to insure our happiness and pleasant lives of leisure.

Maybe the grasshoppers will wake up one stark, frigid winter morning covered in snow with no comprehension of what hit them nor any ability to do anything about it.

When winter comes, I would rather be me than them.

I think you have 35 days ’till The Great Winter of 2020 arrives.

Choose wisely.