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Introducing Mr. Petri to The Masked Man

This morning I realized that knowledge of Petri Dishes, how they work and what they can tell us is not universal. Some of us have experience with Petri Dishes, but many do not.

From Home Science Tools:
A Petri Dish is a shallow cylindrical glass or plastic lidded dish used to culture bacteria or small mosses.

Petri Dishes are essential for bacteria science projects! Use them to grow bacteria cultures from around your house or live cultures like Bacillus subtillis. This pack comes with 20 sterile disposable 90 x 15 mm polystyrene Petri Dishes & covers. They are ready to fill – just add agar.

One 125 ml bottle of agar will fill about 10 Petri Dishes. (Just add enough to cover the bottom of the dish.) These plastic ones cannot be heat sterilized. They have been sterilized by deoxidation.

For some activities using Petri Dishes, check out our bacteria experiments. Other ideas: swab the inside of your cheek to see what kind of bacteria is in your mouth, study the bacteria that lives in soil or pondwater, and try growing photosynthetic bacteria.

Click the From Home Science Tools link to order some Petri Dishes for your own experiments. Heck, do your own mask as your first home biology experiment.
One look at what is being captured by a mask ought to put you off from willingness to re-breath your body’s exhaust.
As I wrote that an image that was double-appropriate jumped into my mind. I share it on the right … just a joke … 😉

Scientists, biologists, and other experimenters carefully introduce the specific biological agent under study to a sterile Petri Dish. It is then kept in a climate suitable for growing the particular culture of interest. In hours or days, depending on what is being studied, the colony grows into a size, shape, appearance that makes its nature quite clear to the observers, even without the aid of magnifying equipment.

Last Friday I published un masking the truth, an essay with photos, videos and links to supporting work. In it were two photos of Petri Dishes that had been used in experiments to test for pathogens in face masks people are wearing because they are being told masks are good for our health.

This morning I realized that more information might be needed to make that bit of evidence useful for many. So here you have it.

The Petri Dish to the right has been cultured from a briefly worn mask. The one above is the sterile medium before a culture was introduced and incubated. Note there are many growing mediums available in a wide range of colors depending on the specific purpose. The red of the upper photo does not represent the base medium from the cultured Petri Dish to the right, which was apparently a tan-colored medium.

Were there no pathogens in the experimental mask, the medium would look exactly like it did before the experiment began. The yucky stuff is what your body naturally exhales to replace it with relatively clean fresh air.

Incoming air, water, food and other things have billions of bits that our NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM is built to deal with. They are not only unavoidable, they are easily handled and absolutely must be handled on a regular basis.

This is how we and our world were designed. This is how humans, animals and all living things have functioned for the millennium preceding the masked men mandates.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.