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looking at the mask hysteria dispassionately

… As in not letting emotion or preconceived notions restrain consideration and thinking.

So much of what our culture accepts as “NEWS” is neither news nor truth. How do you know unless you do some thinking and research on your own. In the 1960s, the CIA claimed to own every news personality of any significance. The CIA controlled the news then. They did not give that up in the ensuing 60 years. They refined their control and manipulation.

This is NOT an essay about that. I will do that one some other time. This is an urge to trust a little less and think a little more.

You want truth? It is not available at the CIA News Network (CNN) or any of its subordinates.

That was to preface this video clip. Perhaps you will decide it is not true.


Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

Look at the evidence I find compelling. Shoot holes in it… or use it as a springboard to further research and greater knowledge.