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You are carrying spies everywhere you go

While they are not quite EVERYWHERE, most of you inadvertently choose to keep Big Brother, The Deep State and your worst enemies appraised of everybody you see, what you do, who you talk to, what you look at and everything else about your life and, this is the part I hate, everybody you come in contact with.

It is not fair to them, to us, that you bring your spyware along when you interact with those of us who chose to not facilitate Big Brother’s intrusion into our lives.

Andrew Torba used to work for them until it sickened him so much that he created Gab, a platform to replace Silicon Valley’s social media but without the spyware built in. He has attracted some great minds to work with him and they continue to expand their offerings of alternatives to the Deep State Tech Giants.

Here is a message from him to those of you enabling, facilitating Deep State intrusions into our lives.

Andrew Torba  ✝️ @a

Daily reminder:
-Delete Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter native apps from your phone. You don’t need to delete your account, but you really should delete the apps. They are literal spyware.
-If you have an Alexa or any other “smart speaker” get it the heck out of your home immediately.
-Stop using gmail. Your emails are being spied on. Use Protonmail instead.
-Twitter DMs, Facebook DMs, and Instagram DMs are not “private.”
-You are Big Tech’s product. The more time you spend on those platforms, the more money you make the enemy.