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attacks on Bitterroot Bugle continue

Early in August my little blog appeared on The Deep State radar. See August 9th post: I am over the target. They have been trying to interrupt my publication ever since. I grant they aren’t trying extremely hard or it would be gone, but look at this pattern that has been going on since then.

Visitors are real people who come here to read and see what I have published. Visits are those plus maybe a second visit in a 24-hour period by humans, but these spiky mongo-numbers are AI (artificial intelligence) computers trying to brute-force their way in to, I don’t know, but likely take over and take it all down.

I am no expert on websites, nor anywhere close to such things. If this site disappears or suddenly seems wonky, head on over to The content and intent are mostly the same as this one. For some reason it has not attracted their attention yet.

Make a note. Make a bookmark. That is my backup plan.

Of course I do have a fondness for this site, this publication, this brand name. I will put more than a little effort into restoring it to the rightful owner – me.

If it does go away. Check back once in a while.
Watch for my little victory against the leviathan.