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When we consider community service, we think of people who do volunteer work at the public library, in a thrift store or a soup kitchen. There is, however, a category even less common, but probably much more important.

Introducing Kurt Askim
… Soon after graduation, he met his future wife of 63 years, Jonna Willette who was also attending San Rafael High School. They were married in July 1950 and had two daughters Jeffri and Lisa. In 1950 he graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Soon after graduating he served in the US Army from 1950-1953, and rose from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant to Captain. From 1953 to 1962 he served in the Army Reserves here in Santa Rosa. After leaving active duty, he earned his Master’s Degree at San Francisco State and was hired to the Business Department at Santa Rosa Junior College where he taught from 1956 to 1986.

Besides his teaching career, he was on the City Planning Commission from 1960 to 1972 where he made many influential business relationships, many of whom willingly gave their time to speak to his business classes. After retirement he was influential in establishing a non-profit to help small businesses called Sonoma County Organization of Retired Executives or SCORE. Besides his family, Curt was passionate about his faith, a life-long seeker after and follower of Jesus. He led trips to Mexico and to work at Gleanings for the Hungry, in Dinuba, CA. He loved restoring old sports cars …

Nice, but not what I was talking about. One evening at our Sports Car Club meeting with thirty or so attending, Frank told of a newspaper article about 50- or 60-year-old Kurt coming upon three men beating a man or woman (I don’t remember which). He unhesitatingly ran across the street and joined the fray on the side of the victim. The newspaper article explained that Kurt received a pretty good beating for his efforts. Frank added a comment to his news recitation that Kurt clearly made a very poor choice that day. Numerous others jumped on that band wagon criticizing Kurt for risking his life and health that way.

I kept my minority opinion to myself, but came to the next monthly meeting with an award of my own creation including a badge local police give out to children for public relations purposes, and a certificate all in a glass-covered, framed wall hanging. I presented it to Kurt for being EXACTLY the kind of guy I want around if I ever need help, while describing the incident from another point of view.

The mood and majority opinion from the prior month was turned on its head. Kurt was appreciated for his courage, selflessness and admirable actions.

Yesterday I posted a blurb and video of the recent Wisconsin night that made 16-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse a national figure. I include the embeded video below. I published the article yesterday: The Kyle Rittenhaus story

Of course the George Soros Marxist/Socialist Army, corporate sponsors, and complicit lamestream media do not want people disrupting their New-World-Order USofA destruction program, so they will do what they can to destroy Kyle for providing an example of resistance to their plans. Many normies agree that Kyle should have not been there; should not have been involved.

However, people like Kyle and Kurt are EXACTLY who will keep decent society in one piece. I hope that I respond similarly if ever confronted with such a situation… and that NORMAL celebrates those who stand up to the Red Brigades, Brown Shirts, Bolsheviks or whoever else is trying to destroy civil society.