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The Kyle Rittenhaus story

Because of YouTube’s horrible policies, I copied this video to my Brighteon channel before they could censor, remove and track you for looking at it.

See it here. It is worth looking at. Very definitely not what lamestream media wants you to see.

While the criminal posing as a District Attorney is trying to crucify Kyle, he has multiple people on his side working to get the truth out. This video is a GREAT START.

So far none of the real criminals are facing even minor discomfort, just the good guy.

Imagine how frightening it would be to have the violent ANTIFA gang attempting to kill you. Alone, outnumbered, running for your life and not making it. The lamestream media presstitutes would have been perfectly happy had he simply been murdered by the gang. They are furious it didn’t work that way. We should TURN THEM OFF.