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we won a round

In my The Vaccine is The Show – all else is distraction or preparatory post almost a week ago I shared what I felt and still feel is the most important video of the decade, perhaps century. While my web presence is rather small, I was not alone in sharing the message that Doctor Carrie Madej has courageously been working to get out.

Even more importantly, she is not alone in describing the horrors of the planned DNA-altering vaccine that, without overstating, will be THE END of humanity on Earth. I repost the video at the bottom of this essay in case you missed it and wonder what I’m talking about.

You, I and the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions who educated themselves about this threat, shared links to the expose’ videos and added their “Not just NO, but HELL NO!” responses have inspired the UN, World un-Health Organization and all the subordinate subsidiaries worldwide to back off on the mandatory vaccine they were pushing.

Their social media, smart-device monitoring Artificial Intelligence bots said, “You will lose this one>”
Simultaneously, globally, synchronically they all changed from “this will go on until everyone is vaccinated” to their new mantra that “the masks are more effective than the vaccine will be”.

Good call, globalists. Declare victory and retreat.

I’m not saying it is over… simply that we won one round.

Remain restive, vigilant and pay close attention to what the pathological liars, fools and criminals at the top are saying.