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post card from California

It made me smile: A post card from my daughter to my mom who we care for.

Wisdom from California…
The laughing-stock of nearly all the USofA…
The ignorant are so very proudly thus …

“… [they] have a theory about why you don’t need a mask. And it makes me sad…Here in California we are treating it very seriously. although from what I understand about states that traditionally vote republican. they are not.”

The people who repeatedly elect Feinstein, Harris, Pelosi, Swalwell, Schiff, Waters, and other sterling characters INCREDIBLY feel superior to the rest of us… damn, those mushrooms must be good!!! … or maybe it is in the water.

The Splicable is about to land

Coming very soon to a theater near you: *SHOCKING* collapse of economy, society, civility, dollar, trade, foodstocks, energy …

The politicians in enlightened states will call it “inexplicable”. The rest of us will say, “Predictable”.

We, in fact, were screaming our predictions at the top of our lungs, to the best of our abilities. The ENLIGHTENED ONES will have some excuse; some reason the bad stuff happened, but it will avoid the predictions and warnings the rest of us have been putting out.


I say this of people who I love (without respecting)
Their deliberate ignorance of the real world will bite them.
They had the information available, but CHOSE to ignore it.
The galling thing is their superiority attitudes.
I could feel sorry for them otherwise.

I do really still understand they are the victims of a complicated, long-term plot … but that damned exuded superiority makes me feel they deserve the reward they work so hard to earn.


I will still understand what there were victim to. I really just thought they were smarter than that.

I expected that some of my moxie would have rubbed off regardless of my competence as a Dad. I cannot help but feel I coulda/shoulda done a better job as a Dad.

In my defense, I was up against ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. Pretty stiff competition, to say the least.