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In that case, what are my priorities for the next month or two?

As we learned, or had reinforced the horrible information about The Vaccine we are expected to embrace, the globalists, satanists, new world order monsters play by certain rules. They have to publish their plans in advance and they must get us to voluntarily take their poison.

Their religion is one of their weaknesses. Another is their lack of imagination, or intelligence. Creative thinkers can be steps ahead of them if we are paying attention. The third is underestimating us, their enemy. In The Vaccine is The Show – all else is distraction or preparatory video I shared from Doctor Carrie Madej with Richie from Boston (I share again at the bottom of this essay), she continually interjects optimism into the conversation. That helps me.

I figure we are between TEOTWAWKI and TSHTF

We will never again see the world we had until this spring. That was The End Of The World As We Know It. Yet the globlists think we will voluntarily take their zombie injection before the year is out.

How bad will it be to inspire you to give up your mind, body and soul?

Obviously, The Presidential Reality Show is being staged to create a messiah-ish faith in The Donald such that his saying “The Vaccine Is Good” will create lines of worshipers to take the shot. His support will also disarm most of the hunters and military veterans who otherwise would have resisted to the death.

But what about you? What about me? What are our priorities between now and the REALLY INSPIRING SHOW that is coming?

We have to start with a vision of a show impressive enough that we are expected to line up giving our minds to Bill Gates. Ask yourself what that would take. They have to do that for nearly everybody.

The currencies, the unbacked paper currencies will turn to dust. Savings, cash, stocks, bonds, paychecks, retirements … all of it GONE in a blink. The replacement will be a crypto-currency they can turn and off whimsically, with an injection and chip as its cornerstones.

Weather, disease and scams have wiped out the food supply world-wide. Shortages are coming very soon globally. FEMA has been stocking up on food. Entry fee: an injection and a chip.

Soros squad, Democrats, Super-Corporate USofA and indoctrinated dupes insist on going to war destroying anything they can. The builders and creators are on the verge of fighting back. Trump will make the trains run on time for a small fee: an injection and a chip.

World War, Electro-magnetic-pulse, grid-down, super-harsh winter and other “natural disasters” are likely on the agenda. Food and shelter will be available. Entry fee: an injection and a chip.

They know me and people like me. No injection. No chip. They are betting there aren’t a lot of us. We may find out.

The trick will be our ability and willingness to survive what they throw at us.

Food. Fuel. Defense. Community. Have PLENTY of those. Then prepare to enter a barter-and-exchange economy that may or may not have power supplies that we have become so accustomed to. Have skills, tools and old-time precious metal currencies.

Remember that the final death throes of every fiat currency the world has ever seen is hyper-inflation. $10,000 postage stamps, wheel-barrows of large-denomination bills for a loaf of bread and so on. Owing dollar-denominated debts is not as bad as not having STUFF. Have STUFF. Pay off your mortgage and credit card debts with a few cans of beans.

Fershur do not have piles of dollars in savings or your cookie jar. They are about to turn to dust.

If you have not yet viewed the video that inspired this line of thinking, I repeat my posting of it here. Amazingly, Carrie remains optimistic even as she describes the horrors of this looming vaccine/chip combo.