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Neighborhood Darby – first meeting recap

We had our first meeting last Wednesday… six of us. Disappointing to me, but the rest felt it was worthwhile AND, more importantly, that we needed to continue meeting on Wednesdays AND expand. We are each to bring another to join us on Wednesday, September 16th at 10:00am.

After the excrement has impacted the rotating ventilator it is too late to build networks in a calm, peaceful environment. We will be stuck trying to figure out who is rational, who is stalwart, who you can call upon, who might be trustworthy, and who to distrust in an unstable, Hellish situation.

Thoughtful people put some effort into building this knowledge and relationships before the final extreme. Developing tools, networks, accumulating skills, improving inventories … there is much we will WISH we had done.

By the way, we all found suitable food and drink on the menu, though breakfast is not what Big Cat Cafe does, their lunch and snack menu worked fine for all of us.

Another FYI: On the left column of this page are several links leading to community organizing projects I have worked on. All have merit. None have flown. There is NO GOOD REASON they are not a part of your neighborhood preparations.

Several ideas were floated about additional ways to market this gathering. I lay no claim to being expert. I just do my best and hope others will jump in with their offerings of ideas and actions.

One guy came over from Dillon for this meeting. Kudos and commendations to him. I am impressed by his interest and support. Thank you, Jack. C’mon down any time. We can finish our unfinished business, even if I have to loan you tools.

Ah, but I don’t expect him back for next Wednesday’s meeting.
Perhaps YOU can fill his chair.

The video on the right is Matt Bracken describing our near future and the role MEN have to play in it. I can actually think of a woman, perhaps two who will fit, but mostly it is real men who must rise to the occasion.

The feely-huggy-pansies might be fun around the swimming pool, high tea, or art exhibit, but when the community needs help, real men have to show up and play their proper roles.

– Ted

I repeat the announcement I published preceding the first meeting:

The trials and tribulations that are rapidly approaching us will not be long-term survivable by individuals. Any hope we have will be founded in strong communities. To that end, I am DOING SOMETHING.

That is obviously a whole bunch better than hiding in a foxhole, wringing hands, aimlessly worrying or ignoring a great impending ugliness.

This certainly will not be the first time I tried community organizing in Darby, Montana. I suspect my “Sky Is Falling” warning is much more widely understood this time.

For print-out purposes, here is the same flier as a .pdf:

Neighborhood Darby flier

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