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tale of two flocks

The Marxists, socialists, participation trophy crowd successfully took over USofA’s centralized education system. Built on a foundation of global excellence in science and mathematics, their “progressive” changes converted it to a Sub-Sahara feel-good missionary school. Dumbed-down degrees are handed out to illiterates who majored in the new oral tradition of “How do you feel about that?”, as opposed to “What is the correct answer?”.

Today’s intelligent, ambitious teens and twenties enter the workforce via entrepreneurship, trade schools or apprenticeships. The square-cap crowd know less REAL STUFF upon college graduation than most of us did in eighth grade. But they are eminently employable.

Soros and his corporate sponsor friends are happy to pay each of them $25 untaxed cash per hour to go from one Democratic political tent city to the next tossing rocks, bottles, Molotovs, shooting issued green lasers, menacingly waving passed out illegal rifles they don’t know how to operate, and waiting for the HEROIC day they are martyred for their great cause … which was, uh, well, they didn’t tell us that… something about death to our parents… or grandparents… or death to somebody, fershur.

They are so dang proud to have discovered FIRE… er, issued pyrotechnic devices that somebody else built, but it’s almost the same thing, isn’t it?

Ah, but the other flock

A little smarter, a lot more productive, but not without ugly historical precedent.

The greatest psychological operation since 9/11/2001, or perhaps even grander is being played out for us today. The carefully selected opposition is HO-PE as in the political HO who faked prosecutions, imprisoned hundreds of innocents and exchanged sexual favors for her political gain and PEdo-Joe who is one of the creepiest national figures you can find outside of prison. We are supposed to flock to the polls brandishing our Big R rubber stamps in such large numbers that the well-publicized election fraud will be overwhelmed by our massive goodness.

The riots will escalate. They dollar will collapse. The food supplies will disappear. The grid will go down. COVID-on-steroids will relegate all of us to house arrest except to spend money in big-box-stores or stand in FEMA-Camp bread lines.

But The Messiah Will Fix It All

He has already promised to send “combat troops AND OTHER FORCES” to distribute a very special COVID vaccine. Of course we can trust him that it will be a good one… not that nasty DNA-altering thing Bill Gates has been working on that will permanently alter Chromosome 8, the one that controls our intelligence and disease immunities.

A Trump-approved electronic crypto-currency will provide us with all the purchasing power we could want or need … as long as we and our purchases are in favor with the Trump-approved AI Big Brother.

The million-hunter army will stand down. The million-veteran army will stand down. The Internet investigative reporters … well, they will have to be SHUT DOWN … but The Messiah will take over the lamestream media monopolies to deliver THE TRUTH instead of the lies they have specialized in for four-score-or-more years.

The Georgia Guidestones will become our newest national park.

Heaven on Earth is just around the corner.

I probably won’t see you there.