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5G Is A Directed Energy Weapon

Particle Physicist Believes 5g Is A Directed Energy WeaponPhysicist Dr. Katherine Horton explains that not only is 5G toxic to your health, but it’s also a high-tech weapon of mass destruction that could be used to kill unwanted dissidents without leaving a trace.

Horton has a PhD in particle physics from Oxford University and has worked on some of the most interesting and dangerous projects in the world, including the famous Hadron Collider (CERN) in Genova Switzerland, and the slightly less well-known Electronsyncrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, Germany.

While at Oxford she also worked as a research assistant at St. Johns College where she studied medical physics and human systems, including systems analysis research of economics, law, and crime.

In the video below she does a great job of explaining the physics and the startling capabilities it gives the owners, the controllers of this technology that is being rolled out world wide with NO PUBLIC INPUT ALLOWED. The good news is that she thinks we can defeat them. Their hubris might be their downfall.

But we must act now.
We must act quickly.
We must act decisively.
This is not the time for half measures.

While the first five+ minutes of the video are used to establish her credentials, the rest are a GREAT, EASILY COMPREHENDED physics lesson in what 5G is, what it can and undoubtedly will DO. This is a serious enemy you and I need to be concerned about.

The crucial first step is to understand the threat. She is a wonderful help here. Share her message far and wide.

In her video she mentions links that lead to her research library. This link will take you there:

– Ted

Her perspective on the technologies of societal control are highly valuable to the global conversation about the 5G rollout.

“The 5G system should be best imagined as the government, or this shadowy group that has infested the government, taking over every city on the planet and every village and even the smallest town and even the forest, where you think there is nothing, and putting up hidden machine guns that follow you and your family, pointing right at you.” – Dr. Katherine Horton

Directed Energy Weapons Are The Ultimate Tool Of Tyrannical Government To Control A Population.


With this technology, shadowy state actors can track all of our movements, target dissidents, and even incapacitate anyone they want without leaving behind a shred of evidence.

Imagine the slave state that is being ushered in around the world as we speak. In China, your actions are monitored 24/7, and a social credit score is applied to you by the government.

If your score drops too low, you can be cut off from travel, made to pay higher hotel fees, your kids might not be able to attend their preferred college or high school, and even your pets can be taken away by the state.

It is known that Chinese critics of overreaching government are lowest on the social credit list.

In the United States, not only are corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Google creating their own forms of this score for their users, but the NSA and GCHQ have also employed similar projects, one of which is named Pattern of Life.


Remember that the list of consequences for a low score in China is always growing, and that same system is slowly being brought to the US via mass data collection, secret government programs, and the normalization of surveillance.

Add to this the use of 5G directed energy weapons.

If history is any indication of the future, it’s not farfetched to believe that we’re inching our way into a world where a government computer algorithm can decide that you’re a revolutionary, and you can be outright killed by technology without warning.

It doesn’t even have to be a computer algorithm that makes the decision, it could be anyone in a position of power who has access to this technology. That’s the world in which Dr. Horton is describing.

To make matters worse, none of the information about directed energy weapons is being publicized by the mainstream media. 5G is being sold as nothing more than a better version of 4G, but the technology is completely different.

To put it simply, 5G uses pulsating beams as opposed to outward waves, and the wavelengths of 5G are much closer to the gamma rays of radioactive activity than to regular radio waves.

As Dr. Horton points out in her interview above, the American weapons manufacturer Deagel predicts publicly on their website that 100 million people will die in the US by the year 2025.

American Weapons Manufacturer Deagel Predicts Publicly On Their Website That 100 Million People Will Die In The Us By The Year 2025

“And this crime cartel… they know what they’re doing, and their goal is to kill as many people as they possibly can, and that is because they realize that with the population growing and the Internet coming in, they cannot hold the same type of control on humanity.” – Dr. Katherine Horton

Despite warnings from scientists and concerned citizens about the many dangers that 5G poses to our health and freedom, President Trump just passed the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020”, solidifying the rollout of 5G over the entire nation.

Becoming informed about the dangers of 5G technology is most important thing you can do during the rollout.

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can take steps to protect your privacy so that less of your data is being collected and processed by governments and corporations seeking to profile you.

Two great ways of doing this, both of which I use every day, are by using an RFID-Blocking Walletto protect your cards, and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt all of your internet traffic so the data collectors have a harder time figuring out who you are.

By Phillip Schneider,