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COVID – Fraud VS Epidemiology

COVID-19 talk at Doctors For Disaster Preparedness. A surgeon explains what we are seeing covers the whole picture, focusing a great deal on the absolute lies coming from the world’s top officials.

Here in one video is The Big Picture. Start here to understand what is happening to us.

It is not mistakes, accidents, misunderstanding or anything remotely excusable. It is deliberate, purposeful LIES with a clearly-defined agenda that is not in our best interests.

My sources have been saying this for a long time. I figure just about everyone knows the virus, the numbers, the masks are all lies. But I keep finding pockets of believers … I could say “Television watchers”. They apparently are still selling that hokum to anyone who is willing to be programmed.

Today all the Deep State warehouses full of human and artificial intelligence debunkers are working frantically to cover up information the USofA’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) mistakenly published. A web search will find CIA and other operatives actively debunking publications that quoted the CDC. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice???

You receive the most flak when you are over target

Is the consistently lying SNOPES correct or are these reports true?

Up to 90% of people who test positive for Covid barely carry any virus & are not contagious. Every stat about the disease is bogus

Nearly 90% of People Hospitalized for COVID-19 Have Underlying Conditions, Says CDC

CDC quietly DOWNGRADED Covid-19 death rate and media IGNORED good news. Elon Musk wonders why

Coronavirus, diabetes, obesity and other underlying conditions: Which patients are most at risk?According to a CDC report, nearly 90% of patients hospitalized with coronavirus (COVID-19) had one or more underlying health conditions.

The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death NumbersBy Matthew Vadum — American Thinker

Here’s the Shockingly Small Number of People Who Died From Only the Coronavirus