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Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia;

I have heard something which piqued my interest, excited my curiosity, and inspired my imagination to envision a strand of hope like a ray of sunlight now beaming down upon, and exposing for eyes to see the dark blot of corruption which has defiled the governor’s office in the State of Montana.

I have been told that on Friday and Saturday, September 11 and 12, 2020, Montanans who are dissatisfied with the governor’s damaging policies which have cost so many Montanans their businesses, their jobs, their comfort, and aye, even their freedom to come and go unhindered in their customary daily activities, shall meet in the State capitol in large numbers to “celebrate and secure our Constitutionally protected God-given rights!”

At present time I have only a few basic details to share with you about this important event, yet already I do know enough to warrant this early announcement. For instance, I am certain that Sheriff Mack (ret.) will be in Helena, Montana, as one of several keynote speakers to inspire the crowds with the spirit of liberty in a Constitutional republic of moral law. I know that because I spoke with Sheriff Mack by telephone. I am looking forward to seeing Sheriff Mack again and renewing our long-standing friendship.

Sheriff Richard Mack Is Coming To Montana!

Also coming as a keynote speaker is Mark Collins, the “spittin’ image” of George Washington, a very popular national-level presenter of Constitutional values. See his Bio here —

And some glimpses of Mark Collins working before cameras —

Mark Collins Is General George Washington In Movies. See him in Helena September 11 and 12, 2020!

A Church in Lewistown, Montana, is posting details as planning for the event comes in. Please note — all details are sketchy and incomplete as I write this on Friday, August 28 2020. I am told that this page will be updated daily.

Here is one poster from that page —

And here is an outline for one of the caravans which will drive to Helena.

The caravan from Ennis is but one of a number of caravans from around Montana being put together for this event. I have a hunch that this will be a large and successful event with folks from every County in Montana attending.



I will be there for this event, for several reasons. The first reason I will be there is that it’s crystal clear to me that “It’s Time!”. Time to Stand. Our country is being thrown to the vultures and many of our State governors are going along with the globalists’ plans for a one-world government, which will be a Technocratic tyranny. I feel that we the people are out of time to stand up and say “No!”.

Another reason I will attend this rally is because in my perception of what’s occurring across America right now, it appears that the mandates regarding wearing of face diapers is but a Beta Test. As with the Jade Helm 15 unconventional psy-op exercise five years ago, the powers that should not be are using masks to gage likely percentage of Americans who will tolerate that forced level of compliance with requirements to be mandated next. There are several items on their agenda. First, masks; second, mandatory vaccines which will have micro-nano-bot synthetic RNA inserts in the vaccines; third, the roll out of a cashless society that will use digital currency, and that digital currency will be controlled so that only people with the traceable vaccine will be allowed to use the currency – which means only government-approved individuals will be able to buy and/or sell, which means no un-tracked transactions will be possible ever afterwards except for neighborly bartering systems; step four is the high-tech push for all humankind  to transmute into a condition named “transhumanism”. Seems to me that the Mark of the Beast now has ambitions to robotize/mechanize/automize/synthesize the entire human race, making us part biological bodies and part machines. Read what they are thinking here —

We need to stand now. So I am inviting The Mental Militia to do what we can individually, and especially our TMMers in Montana.  Meet me in Helena please.

Those traveling and in need of hotel accommodations can save big time on a room, thanks to the planners of this event. They have reserved a block of rooms, with each room costing only $78.00. Here’s how to book your room now —

Call Doubletree by Hilton. (406)-443-2200. Ask for a room in the “Patriot Day Block“. Get Block rate ($78.00 per night) by doing so. Do it now! Join us and make your voice heard. Stand up against the destruction of our wonderful State, our wonderful Nation, and our treasured ways of life as free people. We are, believe it or not, under attack and if we do not stand now we’re done for. It’s TIME!

Thank You One And All!


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Elias Alias

The Mental Militia
“Innocence In The Crosshairs”