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Driving Miss Laura

Eastern USofA sunrise August 27th, 2020

In 1993 multiple government agencies began experimenting with HAARP – High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The usual suspects included DARPA, USAF, and USNavy. Their test facility was far from prying eyes in Gakona, Alaska.

What they learned in the next 20 years has been applied globally with at 9 stations around the world for years. They added a movable one built into a ship since then and I don’t know how many others. Each sends a city’s-worth of electricity into Earth’s atmosphere in microwave form to steer the weather this way and that creating epic storms, flooding, blizzards and breaking every natural disaster record around the world for a decade or more now.

The GOES-16 satellite is in a geo-stationary orbit over the USofA Atlantic coast.

The GOES-17 satellite is in a geo-stationary orbit over the USofA Pacific coast.

These amazing views enable us to sit at our computers seeing real-time with historic options what nature and the geoengineers are doing at any given moment or day.

Hurricane Laura is heading for the USofA rice basket. Human food supplies seem to have been heavily targeted for a couple years. Now FEMA is stockpiling food. Maybe you should do as they do.

I made the video clip below yesterday showing how Laura was being steered by the HAARP atmospheric microwave action immediately prior to landfall. This morning shows a remarkable change in the direction the manipulators want to send her.

They are now heating the area to the upper right (North East) of her which will draw the storm into the low pressure area created by the exiting heated air. I suspect a right turn towards Tennessee.

They are also moving the North American air out and bringing in warmer air from the equatorial regions. That could help their pet last a little longer than nature would have had it.

I have been an amateur meteorologist for 30 years. Thanks to the readily-available satellite and radar images online, my track record is as good or better than the pros presented by the media monopolies primarily because I look at things like this and acknowledge the geoengineering, which they are not allowed to do. It is easy enough to watch it yourself.

Here is a quick primer in hurricane watching.

I also made a video showing how the heat wave and Pacific Coast drought is being created with a look at GOES-17 that I titled Heat wave viewed from space.

My second favorite satellite view is the US Regional Infrared from The Weather Underground.

A good local look at precipitation for the day is The Weather Channel’s Radar Weather Map.

I do check The Weather Underground’s 10-day prognostications, but have found they are good for a day, approximations for tomorrow and rather disconnected from the geoengineer’s plans past that…YMMV.

Now you too can get better weather information by turning off your TV and using your head.

Another public service by Ted Dunlap.