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Those who get their information exclusively from lamestream media receive regular doses of lies, propaganda, fear mongering, terrorism and agenda-driven programming. It has been consolidated, controlled, and contrived to move the masses into various beliefs that suit the purposes of the globalists on their quest for a New World Order.

Competing with this is the World Wide Web. This is the home for the remaining investigative reporters of the planet along with the philosophers, resistors, thinkers, and its share of shills cluttering it up with its own blizzard of lies.

On the one side you are guaranteed lies about anything of consequence 100% of the time. On the other side it is 50/50 requiring thinking and analysis to separate fact from fiction.

The television audience has been steadily shrinking in response to their policies. The executives are *SHOCKED* to learn that some people do not like a steady diet of propaganda when they have other choices.

I see all of that with the obedient mask wearers. The masks scream, “I am not aware enough, ambitious enough, or smart enough to turn off my TV and seek real information. I am afraid of everything my television tells me to fear and I obey its every command”.

Last night my wife and I were sharing the feeling of strength and power we feel wading through the frightened-looking masked people we cross while shopping. None dare challenge us. They scurry off in other directions like pests when the lights come on.

This morning I came across the picture to the right. It was perfect.