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chromosome 8, the superstar of 2020

DNA is the basic building block of natural beings. It makes a frog a frog, determines how a lion is shaped and acts and is most of what makes us who we are. This huge thread of chromosomes is unique to each individual, but has certain commonalities.

The medical-scientific community has discovered that chromosome 8 is present in intelligent people and absent in those with certain learning disabilities and Downs Syndrome. They also found it to be the one controlling the body’s fight against disease, including cancer – a battle that goes on regularly throughout our lives.

The test for COVID-19 merely looks for a sample containing chromosome 8, reproduces it in quantity, and seeing a bunch of it declares “COVID positive”. They have yet to actually identify and map THE DISEASE, and rather obviously cannot create a vaccine for some undefined disease.

AH, but that doesn’t stop them from doing SOMETHING. The Gates/New World Order vaccine attacks chromosome 8. A dream come true for the group that pronounced on The Georgia Guidestones a world population reduction of 97% with the remainder being compliant plodders fitting the rest of their vision.

You might even ask why they are “rushing this out” without testing. That is because they know exactly what this is going to do. It will take time for their genetic modification to replicate throughout the body. The outward signs will develop slowly enough that the US Army and OTHER FORCES, in the words of our President, will get as much compliance as we allow before the bodies start stacking up and those who remain standing are suddenly stupid.

Were you wanting normal people to rush forward for this vaccine, how would you inspire them into that action?
Create Fear and Panic with constant barrage of media monopoly horror stories with complicit or duped “concerned” politicians working constantly to save us all.
Create Cultural Acceptance by masking and social distancing so everyone changes their world completely to signal that this view is one EVERYONE shares.
Offer Safety and Salvation with a miracle shield that will return everyone to a safe, normal life that they vaguely, but fondly remembered.
Build a Messiah figure who has demonstrated fearlessness and innovation to lead us all to this promise land.

The vaccinators have publicly admitted “there will be some deaths” due to the vaccine against a disease with a minuscule death toll. There are hints that the magic vaccine death toll will be TREMENDOUS.

I’ll interpret that for you. The vaccinated will either be body dead or brain dead. Others will resist as if their lives depend upon it. I choose door number three.