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The Vaccine will change humans forever

The planned-demic is all about getting you to accept a vaccine that has nothing to do with preventing disease and everything to do with making a greatly reduced population of humans that are easily controlled by those who want to rule. They are so sick they would rather be king of a dung heap than peers in paradise.

We get to decide if we want to be the mute, Downs-Syndrome-like survivors of the vaccine, among the massive population it kills, or resist as if our lives depended on it.

If you think that is hyperbole or that I am overstating the case, watch this video. It goes into more detail than a couple others I have shared that said much the same: The vaccine is intended to alter human DNA.

Let’s say you were a sociopath and further stipulate that you managed to surround yourself with fellow sociopaths in positions of power. You all agree it would be far better to be absolute rulers of a dung heap than to be mere equals of the peasants and peons around you.

How do we get those pesky peasants completely under our control.

Australia pulled it off with gun confiscation. The USofA has too many guns. Need a plan B. So they terrify the masses with a fake virus, convince them to wear useless masks and set up for mandatory vaccinations. They also put a ludicrous “charismatic” leader up that the most dangerous category of resistors will follow worshipfully.

The final nail in the coffin is a vaccine that attacks chromosome 8 which is responsible for intelligence and cancer fighting. Win-Win-Win. We lose. The vaccine will take some time modifying all of our DNA, but death or idiocy will be the result for everyone who accepts the vaccine.

I prefer to die on my feet fighting rather than on my knees with a chemical lobotomy.

Those who cannot turn off their programming and take advantage of the widely available Internet won’t have lost much.