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my Trump Team faith is shaken

When the Democrats settled on Creepy Joe as their candidate I said that the Trump team could not have selected a better opponent if they tried. Public and admitted corruption, graft, bribing, groping, pedophilia with obvious dementia on top. Cheating is the only way this guy could win. But what if they are two sides of the same coin?

The geoengineering continues unabated.
The fed is flooding the world with paper dollars that has to crash the dollar’s value.
Trump announced he will use US Army combat soldiers AND OTHER FORCES to “distribute the vaccine”.
Cities continue to burn.
Marxist, gay, pedophile, common core, unschooling remains the norm.
The major traitors, felons, corrupt, grafters continue to run around and run off at the mouth.

What if Trump’s assignment is to get those who would actively resist The New World Order to stand down. To reduce the greatest army in the world, our armed veterans, to a handful who actually see what is going on?

Things we would not put up with were Hitlary or the gay Kenyan in charge are acceptable because Trump says so.

This video puts all that together and a lot more.
Please watch.
This year is going to end badly.
Our lives and liberty depend on this knowledge being widespread before then.

In case there is any doubt about Richie’s claim regarding the DNA modifications in the upcoming vaccine, here is a video dedicated to that topic.