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heat wave viewed from space

The geo-stationary satellite positioned over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America (named GOES-17) provides a moving video loop of our weather from a space-oriented view.

You and I can watch it on the Internet anytime we want. I often do.

In this video I describe what I see, and what you can see if you look.

Nature did not create this heat wave, nor the record-breaking floods, rains, snowfalls, droughts, hurricanes, or any of the epic weather we have experienced in the last decade.

I describe a bit on how to read the map. I did study meteorology and working outdoors most of my life required I develop a weather eye. Watch for yourself. Come to your own conclusions.

The page with this satellite view and time-lapse loop feature is provided by Colorado State University. It is bookmarked on my Dissenter browser that I highly recommend. Here is a hot link to it.

For further information on this and related topics, you might notice the left column has a heading Bitterroot Bugle post categories. Under that is one labeled geoengineering. This hot link will do the same thing clicking on that tab will do.