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FASTING – yeah, as in not eating for a while

For most of my life I measured everything against what I termed “The Cave Man Theory”. I figured my body was designed for an aboriginal life. When someone would propose a breakthrough in how to treat our bodies I would always compare it to what my body was designed to do; how I was naturally supposed to live.

This kept me from adopting a whole bunch of fads that came and went. Occasional fasting fit okay into my Cave Man Theory, but I have not been interested in quitting food. Certainly people who did not have refrigerators and neighborhood grocery stores would end up with periods of NO FOOD. When the current hunting and foraging stopped being productive, I can imagine it taking a week or several to find the new happy hunting ground.

Obviously the human body was designed to handle that, but who the heck wants to?

I received a video that told me who and why. Our bodies can do tremendous amounts of healing when allowed a break from processing food. I began considering doing a fast myself. Further research and a perfect opportunity converged.

I begin a ten-day fast today

I am minding the home front while my wife visits her Seattle family. I don’t have to resist lovely breakfast and dinner meals prepared for me, I simply have to prepare no meals myself. * Voilà * I’m fasting.

My belly-fat fuel supply is ample. Ten days will not deplete it below a significant reserves state. I have over a year of what is commonly called “Intermittent Fasting”. I have breakfast and dinner with no snacks or other meals most days. While that helped me with weight control, it really does not touch the real benefit range of genuine fasts. It isn’t until the third or fourth day where the fasting body finally hits its stride.

I read a lot and watched a number of videos. My inner cave man discarded some ideas that were counter-intuitive to me. I’m sure I should quit my home-roasted, select-bean, super-fresh, gourmet coffee, but I decided to cut back to one cup rather than have caffeine withdrawal sending me confusing signals regarding what my body is going through.


I have an double-wall stainless 1-liter water bottle that I empty twice a day more or less. A gallon or more is recommended while fasting. I will be logging my refills to make sure I am doing that, but am reasonably confident the desired water consumption will be easy for me.

I will report back with more on my experience.

Bon appétit – Ted Dr. Krupka is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner using functional medicine and functional wellness principles to address patients with chronic inflammatory or autoimmune conditions through nutrition, supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes. In this video he discusses fasting, intermittent fasting, episodic fasting, and ketosis.


channel image

Fasting has long been promoted as a natural means to boost health and deepen spiritual awareness. Fasting benefits extend to everything from better weight management, improved cardiovascular health, healthier blood composition, and better cell recycling, among many others.

In this video, Dr. Group will teach you the must-follow rules of water-only fasting. Water-only fasting is unlike other fasts because it has the most limitations. If you are considering water-only fasting, make sure you follow these rules to increase your chances of success.




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A good description of a water-only fasting regimen. Not her first. She describes what to expect, what it does and why she does it several times a year from several days to twenty days. They all help in various ways.