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Nicola Tesla’s Death-Ray upgrades coming soon

For most scientific geniuses, their understanding of the ruling elite mentality was severely wanting. Tesla thought he could make a weapon so awful that war would be obsolete, unthinkable. Most of the scientists working The Manhattan Project thought that about the atom bomb they were building – it would be so feared that war would no longer be considered.

Politicians just keep proving them wrong. Yet the geeks keep on dreaming. Nicola Tesla had that shortcoming. But the Death Ray he created is very likely part of the modern arsenal.

The images I share left and right are of technology 100 years old. Tesla’s “Death Ray” invention is that old. If the war-machine makers have made great strides in other inventive scientific fronts, why should we believe they did not make similar “improvements” in the “death-ray” technology?

If they did, what would it look like? How would we know if they did?

Assuming they did pursue and make equally great “progress” in radio-wave weaponry, “Who is in control of it?” is a very pertinent question.

Who has, and is willing to deploy this weapon?
What form does it take?
How does it work?
What effect does it have on us?

You really ought to know.

I believe they did make a century’s-worth of “improvements”. The video below describes “the progress”. It is being deployed AGAINST US. You probably should pay attention.

It’s a big club but you ain’t in it (1981). George Carlin’s famous, powerful, accurate insight.
Language warning: He was course expressing frustration and anger, but his live audiences loved it.