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Over four years ago 27 Internet Big Boys gathered in San Francisco to work out strategies to silence traditional and conservative voices. They support the radical globalist plan for the world, and in fact are primarily funded by the global banking cartels. They met several times since then and continue to ramp up their stifling of free speech.

The mainstream media monopoly served their purposes for 75 years, but in an era where intelligent people walk away from that propaganda stream new tactics were needed. As much as possible they will shut down investigative reporting and honest news. The World Wide Web has both their voices and ours. Thinking people work their way through both to arrive at plausible understandings of world events.

The FREE video hosting channels exemplify the reach of the deep state.

Either you purchase the product or you are the product

YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla in this area. It reports to the same controllers as Google. They do not want legitimate information and commentary there, so they stifle, then eliminate it. One of the hugely popular victims of this censorship built an alternative.

The other important part of the Big Tech conglomerate is tracking. Once you visit one of their “services” they grab onto your browser and report back to Big Brother everywhere you go from there and everything you look at.

Brighteon does not censor, stifle, deplatform, or deprioritize voices running contrary to any agenda. They also DO NOT TRACK your Internet use. Their objectives are simply supportive of free speech, unfettered news reporting and liberty loving use of the World Wide Web.

My channel is: Bitterroot Bugler. I grab videos from YouTube that I expect to be quickly removed by the censors and republish that they may remain available. I also produce some original content for sharing there.

Use the link above to see Brighteon. Browse other channels and categories using the headings across the top of that page. There is A LOT of really good stuff to see.