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On August 7th I posted Beirut Lebanon nuked! The onsite videos from several angles allowed no other realistic answer. I included some of those clips and the geo-political information pointing at the only likely suspect.

On August 9th I posted I am over the target. My websites were under heavy attack the likes of I have never experienced. I am such a tiny player on the World Wide Web that my arrival onto their assault list is a massive admission of guilt by the perpetrators.

Now a couple days later, the attacks have continued unabated, and new techniques are being employed. Better still, I can now share new infrared video confirmation of the missile strike that blew up Beirut. The perps are scrubbing like crazy, but the truthful media is sharing faster than the warmongers can scrub.

Based on a decade of history and the secondary source nation for assaults on my website, Chinese government is fighting on Israel’s side. Hmmm… The USofA has always played the role of covering for that rabid dog. Now Trump has publicly withdrawn support, and here is China partnering up.

As I said on the 7th, other Arabian nations are unlikely to sit still while Israel picks them off one by one. It could be getting very warm in North Africa any time now – and the possibility that major war is contained in that area is extremely remote.

You might want to watch this video soon before they successfully shut my websites or the other reporting media down.