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I am over the target

World War Two bomber crews had a saying: You Get The Most Flak When You’re Over The Target.

My website has suddenly been inundated with hacker hits from China and Israel … over 50,000 attempts to break in … undoubtedly with ill intent. Something, or some things I have published in the last week or so is very much on target. Look back and conjecture as to what that or those posts might be.

I and my websites are just a fly-speck in the World Wide Web. If our enemies can put that kind of effort into this tiny annoyance, my little bits of truth telling, what do the big guys on our side have to defend against?

Considering the wanna-be-rulers’ near limitless ability to print and pass out fake fiat currency, their resources are mighty.

Then you see that this little flea is worth at least some of their time to destroy, or attempt silencing, and you realize these little insect bites of this world pose a very real threat to those who would crush, control and rule us.

Fleas of the World UNITE!