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buying .38 Special ammunition

I heard rumors that guns and ammo were getting hard to buy. I found out recently just how true that is.

I expected in the socialist, Marxist, anti-gun meccas that a sudden recognition that we are ultimately responsible for defending ourselves would empty the very few gun and ammo shops that managed to survive in liberal paradises.

In my area that is definitely not the case. Here we have more guns than fingernails and more ammo than leg hairs. Nothing the news media sends our way can inspire a gunned-up neighborhood to run out and whimsically purchase a bunch more.

However, Montana does have a few enclaves of blind sheep who are having the wool coverings removed from their eyes. Well, “Heck” they say, “We will just dash out into the little rural towns and buy some self defense.”

Not so fast Kemosabe, those little stores catering to a small, regular clientele were not stocked up for carloads of city people suddenly awakening. Now none of us can increase our stores of defense mechanisms… guns or ammo.

Humorously, the psychopaths, sociopaths, and their pet brain-dead zombies who funded and support the Brown-Shirt army inspiring this recognition of self-defense requirements are the same dang idiots who think they can ban guns and ammo nation-wide. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. They just lost the gun confiscation war in a very big way.

Ah, but I do have a great source for ammo you might look into. They are scrambling to meet the need … and have been there for us a long time. You can see from the links I put up that I was looking for .38 Special at the time. Don’t worry about that, they have HUGE VARIETIES and focus full-time on filling your ammunition orders.

This next link compares many makes and models of .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammo for probable effectiveness. In a seller’s market you may have to get whatever you can, but if you have choices, this is certainly an intelligent way to shop for ammunition.

A key ingredient for reading the effectiveness chart is that physics matters. If a certain weight bullet hits at a certain velocity then expands to a larger, more effective diameter in the intended target it now penetrates less. Put another way, NEITHER greater penetration NOR GREATER terminal diameter is an answer by itself. The combination is what matters. The other part that the science of physics introduces is that the more energy you send away from your gun, the more energy you feel in recoil. You get to make that balance, but please do so intelligently.

This third link is to a decent revolver that they claim to be able to deliver. Check out their whole store for whatever you want. Thanks to the anti-gunners and the NRA who sold us down the river, you have to purchase through a local gun dealer, pawn shop or others who pay the money and jump through the hoops to maintain permission to sell us our self-defense tools.