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This may be a BIG WEEKEND

I have nothing researchable to go on, but am seeing commentary like the bit below in numerous places.

The President has publicly announced that we may not see him for a while!

Some sources talk about an actual clone of Donald Trump. Some mention killing the clone in a fake assassination. I don’t know about any of that. All I suggest is that you skeptically, analytically watch events as they unfold this weekend … as always.

There is an Internet post of The White House Staff en-mass bidding their boss farewell as he boards the Presidential Chopper (shouldn’t that be a Harley??? 🙂 )

With no basis in fact, I am going to be watching this weekend for False Flags and Major Takedowns. Heck, world war is not off the table.

I highly recommend you pay very close attention to what media feeds you. From experience I can further suggest that you copy to your own disc drives and preserve the initial reports you get OF ANYTHING. Whatever fails to feed the globalist, totalitarian agenda will disappear fast. Grab it as fast as you can.

from Trending Politics:

President Donald Trump said something Thursday that, frankly, should have been front page, top of the fold, first in the stack news in every newspaper and on every cable and network news broadcast – but wasn’t.

In fact, as of this moment, his remarkable and haunting comment has gone mostly unnoticed by all major media.

It’s something that, if another president had said it, would be talked about for days and weeks. 

And it’s definitely something that should worry all Americans, not just his supporters.

During an appearance at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio, the president was discussing a recent executive action he took to lower the cost of prescription medications for Americans.

“Well, the rebate that I’m doing cuts out the middleman and reduces costs, and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs,” the president said. 

“So, I have a lot of enemies. This may be the last time you see me for a while. I have a lot of very rich enemies. They’re not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it. No other president is gonna do what I do.”