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Beirut Lebanon nuked!

Official sources claim a warehouse of fireworks blew Beirut to smithereens. The alternate story has a poorly handled shipload of ammonium nitrate causing the devastation. Look for yourself. The video below has numerous angles that make the real source absolutely plain to see.

Yeah, you can see the little pop-pop-pop in the early part of the fire clips. I buy the line that those were fireworks cooking off. Then comes a major explosion that credibly could be the ammonium nitrate exploding. However, a fraction of a second after that one is THE NUKE.

It is unmistakable. They barely missed synchronizing it with the fertilizer bomb, but they did indeed miss by a split second.

Watch the BOOM-BOOM. Then ask yourself if that much bigger explosion with the telltale mushroom cloud fits with the official stories. Then look at the “after” pictures of Beirut … looks like Hiroshima… This is a very simple puzzle, folks.

Now comes the big question: Who with nukes wants to devastate Lebanon? We mustn’t blame Israel even though they have been trying to crush Lebanon for 20 or more years. The Israeli government already denied they did it, so that’s that.

Of course they now deny attacking the USS Liberty in 1967… the sailors who refused to sink

Then, of course, there is a bit of history in the land grabbing side of things. They have conquered almost as much of Palestine as has ever existed. Hmmm … this map of Lebanon does place it in the way. Stupid Lebanese should have put their country in a better spot.

“We” have been fighting in Syria and Iraq for a long, long time. What does that have to do with US? Not much. But Israel, Exxon, Mobile, Chevron … uh, yeah, to them it matters. Thus our men have to go there to die. Lebanon… A tiny postage stamp of no consequence. *POOF* It no longer exists.

The other Arabs in Israel’s way might take offense… quite literally, offense as opposed to defense, though in this case they may be one in the same.

It does seem possible that the USofA’s rabid pit bull in The Mediterranean might be dragging its owner into World War III… as if we don’t have enough going on already.

Oh yeah, there is this additional tidbit. Lebanon is not alone today… though I think they got the only nuclear bomb of the bunch.