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I lost my mask virginity today

The lies surrounding the current PLANNED-DEMIC are too numerous to detail in one post. Included therein is a mountain of whoppers about masks. I narrow down the latter into 1) they do no good in reducing spread of viruses, and 2) they do great harm with CO2 concentration, bacteria collection, oxygen deprivation and others. I’ll back that statement up here soon.

An unfortunate part of the aging process is that we keep having birthdays. For me the upcoming event meant my driver’s license expiration. Montana state government required that I drive an hour each way to wait 35 minutes for the appointment I made online several weeks ago… assuming I wanted to continue to have their permission to operate my motor vehicles on roads financed by my fuel taxes. The moral and constitutional problems with that is a windmill I choose not to tilt.

Having thus crossed the bridge over to requesting permission to travel within my home region I now had to cross another bridge and wear a mask while in the relevant government office. Since none of them do anything useful, my selection of mask variety is based solely on ease of use. I chose the neck tube version that can be pulled up to cover my chin, mouth, nose or my whole dang head if I wanted.

I pulled it up over my nose and walked in to the jackal den. Everybody was masked except one government employee at her desk behind the plastic shield. At some point during my wait she mentioned that they were short handed thus running a little behind schedule. Since there are only two who work there EVER and both were at work today I can only imagine something like the photo to the right being appropriate. I didn’t notice the hands of either clerk.

In no time at all I realized “It is stuffy in here”. I pulled my mask down below my nose and began a long session of deep breathing to clear that feeling out of my mind and body. Truly half the masks I have seen in the last few months have been ineffectively designed and/or worn, quite often with noses exposed. Heck, now I see many designed to leave the nose uncovered.

THAT seems to be socially acceptable.

The only point of the masks must be to signal subordination to the all-knowing, all-powerful OZ.

So I spent the remainder of my time in the den with my nose out in the relatively O2-richer air. No mask Nazis attacked me for wanting to breathe. I entered into a lively conversation with a fellow waitee. He constantly pulled his mask down to talk, finally leaving it down altogether until our conversation ended.

Interestingly, the photos taken to be immortalized on the driver’s licenses do not have masks on them. If that is how we are supposed to look 100% of the time we are out in public in this New Normal, shouldn’t our identification photos reflect our new look?

C’mon Ted, do not attempt application of logic. THAT is undesired. This is a religion, a faith, an unquestioning following of orders from OUR SUPERIORS.

I have met quite a few of our titled nobility. The word “superior” very definitely does not apply.