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Brown Shirts 2020

According to the highly manipulated, tightly controlled Wikipedia:
George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist.
As of May 2020, he had a net worth of $8.3 billion,
having donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations.
Born in Budapest, Soros survived Nazi Germany-occupied Hungary and
moved to the United Kingdom in 1947.

He didn’t just survive Nazi Germany, he stole his first fortune as a high level Nazi.

His fortune has continued to grow exponentially via shady deals, insider trading and betting BIG on major “unforeseeable events” that he helped plan and pull off.

His primary job is financing the pointy-end of activism to overthrow governments around the world. Unfortunately, it is our turn.

His main “philanthropy” is that Open Society Foundation they mention him giving $32 billion. It is the primary financial source for Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, NFAC, Defund The Police, and several other well-funded organizations that are at war with US.

Investor … Philanthropist … PUKE! Wikipedia sure gilded that turd, didn’t they?

They all are working for the same Marxist, socialist, one-world-government goals and are supported by the same enemies who have been working against us for A LONG TIME. In the simpler era of 1940, one organization sufficed. Today they are plying their trade under several banners on numerous fronts.

All of these “peaceful demonstrations” (in the words of lamestream media) are using the same tools, arriving on shiny new buses, responding to almost identical employment advertisements, showing up with commercial signage, ramping up the violence and destruction in a synchronized fashion that belies any coincidence.

The controllers, tacticians, organizers – the entire support element which is 80% of any army is working one level up from those running each of the sub-groups that the media incessantly covers with positive spin and suppression of violence reporting. But make no mistake, they are completely synchronized.

All of them have weaponized the same way. Hurling frozen water bottles, blinding officers with lasers, weaponizing fireworks, spray-painting helmet face shields then clubbing officers when they remove their helmets … it goes on, but my point here is that each and every one of these groups are using the same tools and techniques. Now, all at the same time, they are now gunning up, shooting at us and each other.

The media shield allows this little secret. Shooting back would be front page news.

Much, much worse, Bush/Clinton/Obama era judges and prosecutors are releasing the violent foot soldiers as fast as law enforcement can deliver them. That is, the law enforcement that is even trying. In major Democratic strongholds, the police are being pulled away, stood down and made vulnerable by policy.

To simplify reference, I am calling the overt violent side Brown Shirts 2020.

Hitler at Brown Shirts rally

Soros is the leading money man for the current crop of Brown Shirts who were so successful in overthrowing the German Government preceding WWII.

His funding is being supplemented by MAJOR “charitable donations” from Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Home Depot, Wal Mart, Target, Levis, Nike, McDonalds, Wendys …

The hits on our government, society, health and wealth are coming so fast it is difficult for me to blog. I spend hours on each article to give you good links (modern footnoting) and to make sure I can prove that there is substance behind my claims. I also work and live in my real, tangible, local world and sometimes simply have to take breaks from this particular form of activism and resistance.

They are also coming too fast for the other side to combat with the support of Middle America. Since this is a 4th-generation-war, it is being fought on that front – mainstream public opinion.

While many of us want to have rooftop snipers take down the violent ones hiding within the protester phalanx, the mainstream media presstitutes have been waiting on the edge of their seats to jump on ANY ONE of those responses … that seem appropriate to us.

This war, at that level is extremely complicated.

Back to the Brown Shirts 2020.

Not coincidentally, all of the fronts for this group are getting beautiful new buses. The rioters “earn” $25 per hour and more if they are more active … say hurling explosives, slinging firebombs, using lasers to permanently blind riot control officers, shooting rifles at bystanders …

I have to tell you about the upgrade to shooting rifles. It hasn’t started well for them.
(event 1)
Brown Shirt approached a driver trying to make his way out of the RALLY he accidentally found himself in. He fired 5 shots at the driver. All missed. The driver fired 3 shots back from a handgun. Brown Shirt died.
(event 2)
Brown Shirt fired at driver caught in the RALLY. Missed his intended target from a very short range. Errant bullet killed fellow Brown Shirt.
(event 3)
NFAC Grand Master Jay published a video of him giving rifle training to followers. His competence is blatantly beginner level. With an AR-15 rifle shooting at pistol distances he puts ZERO holes out of perhaps 20 rounds into a handgun target.

This is not to say there are no competent shooters among them. Nor is it to imply their accuracy will not improve. With enough money, you can find proper trainers. Soros will improve their lethality. You can count on that.

The really good news is that you and I have ring-side seats at the Greatest Show in the last several centuries.
Of course that is also the really bad news.