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The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria

An excellent talk by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The video I share here is from my Brighteon channel. Whenever I find a good or great video that runs counter to the official narrative, I save it on my channel to thwart the Big Tech censors. I have learned from nasty experience that linking or referring to original videos on YouTube can quickly lead to video not found, removed for violating the propaganda we approve of.

This presentation most definitely runs counter to the narrative they want us accepting regarding the COVID response by tyrannical governments and fear mongers.

At the very beginning of the Tom Woods talk he mentions his web page where he posts his footnotes; the supporting facts. He also offers us a free book. You can see all that here:

Tom Woods .com / lockdown

The source at YouTube for as long as they leave it up:

Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria

Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 16 July 2020.

Below I posted some of the comments his YouTube video drew. You can get an idea about the quality and coverage from them. Go to the source linked above to see the whole thing.

– Ted


I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone the way everyone is going along with this madness without questioning the narrative.

“Science is not a series of infallible statements. It’s an ongoing search for the truth.” Well said.

He’s talking as if this whole coronavirus lockdown Is controlled by people who have no ulterior motives!😚

Tom Woods and Judge Napolitano are responsible for me becoming a libertarian about 10 years ago.

“There is more to life than mere biological existence.”

Maskerbation. A solution that doesn’t work, for a problem that doesn’t exist.

“You want people to die”, they say, while encouraging the formation of new laws and executive orders that will lead to state violence and death

Every time someone tells me, “A person has died from coronavirus.”
I say, “…so they were old?”
And every time, they respond with, “Well, yeah they were [85+].”

Coronavirus has always existed; it’s not what is killing people….the people dying are just statistical deaths like last year and the year before with coronavirus being superimposed because THAT’S WHAT CITIES AND HOSPITALS GET MONEY TO DIAGNOSE!

When people say “You just want people to die. ” Say: Yes I do, I want tyrannical people who want to destroy freedom and enslave others to die.

My doctor is furious after listening to Pelosi insisting kids cannot return to school. School age kids without pre existing conditions have a near zero chance of dying from Covid 19. Politicians have no business making medical related decisions.

I’ve considered myself a staunch progressive for years, but I’m solidly with the conservative side on the covid-19 issues, and many other freedom issues. Apparently, the left has aligned themselves with the CCP , which I’m totally opposed to.

“U want people to die!”… Meanwhile they giddily celebrate every time some (false?) story about an anti-lockdowner dying pops up.

This lockdown crap is coming back the next time there is an outbreak of something. If the bird flu happened in 2022, the government would have forced a lockdown.

I’ve seen people on facebook with a picture of themselves wearing a mask, I’m beginning to think these people are mentally ill

If u must wear a mask to enter a store or go somewhere, take a big black marker and write SCAM on it. 🚫😷
Keep tyrannical covering below your nose too. 🤣

I own a psychiatric practice and we have definitely seen an increase in suicidality and substance use as a result of the lock down.

The same government currently dropping bombs on multiple middle eastern countries are also telling us they take actions if they save “just one life.”

Myrtle Beach S.Carolina: I don’t know anyone who has had Covid-19 nor do I know anyone who knows anyone else who has had it. And this is supposed to be a “hot spot.” The local economy is ruined. Many people are nearly destroyed. Government must be abolished.

So, did anybody else feel guilty when he described the general idea of a midwit?