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County government making sense with COVID response

Time to go downtown. I best don my mask.

Since the Montana governor joined fellow Democrats to make crazy, illegal dictates about mask wearing, it has been Game On for many who understand the scam and health dangers surrounding the mask subject. It is misguided to put it as politely as possible. They are ineffective at virus protection, concentrate bacteria the body is attempting to expel, reduce oxygen to dangerous levels and are only useful to signal submission to an out-of-control STATE.

I am not alone in understanding the scam, and am among the finest folks when it comes to resistance. That is highlighted by the Ravalli county government response to the governor’s unconstitutional dictate.

Ravalli County law enforcement officials say they don’t plan to become the mask police, but they will take action if people become disorderly in local businesses. Both Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton and Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster said the governor’s directive this week that requires people to wear face masks in public buildings doesn’t change anything for them.

Holton said private businesses have the right to require their customers to wear masks. “These are individual decisions that people are going to have to make,”.

“If a business owner or staff asks someone to wear a mask while they are in a business and they refuse, they are trespassing,” Holton said. “I will enforce that. On the same token, if someone goes into a business where no one is wearing a mask, they can choose not to patronize that business. … We will keep the peace and enforce private property rights.

Everyone has the right and ability to shop or patronize businesses they feel comfortable in.

As of Friday morning, Oster said his office had not received any complaints from businesses or residents concerning the mask issue. “Our approach is if businesses call about customers being disorderly, then we’ll deal with that,”. “That’s the way it’s always been.

Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce office manager Jodi Wright said her office has fielded questions from local businesses. She is seeing a lot of people from out of state who have decided to stay in the Bitterroot Valley for long periods. Some are relocating here.