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building supply VS thrift stores

We hosted some out-of-town guests over the last few days. It was lovely. They are lovely. A wonderful, super-sociable holiday came to us. Hugs – laughter – singing – playing – sharing – caring – the best things in life.

Good thing. Much of that has been removed by the false-flag, 4th-generation-warfare, fear-fear-fear, COVID assault on our society.

While my emergency radio responding group, trombone choir and other meat-space / face-to-face human contact has fallen victim to the above, most of my life has been unaffected. I meet almost no masked, fearful sheep in my daily life. The building supply, hardware stores, firearm shops, grocers, library and handful of other places I have been in the last few months are mostly unaffected by the scare tactics of our enemies.

In fact, there seems to be a new, enhanced camaraderie among the smiling faces who are defying the fear mongers.

I decided quite some time back that the health-compromising, virtue-signaling masks were a signed-confession of submission to “higher-ups” and admission of deliberate ignorance. Wearing ineffective masks indicates clearly that those people would rather fit in than think. It was the dividing line between people I could get along with and those I could not; a uniform of the opposing army that could be spotted from 100 meters away.

But I have not been around a flock of the masked sheep for a long time… gee, if ever.

Saturday afternoon along with the tour of other features, my out-of-towners and I decided to see what the local Goodwill thrift store might have of interest. Woops! We walked into that other world. Not one whole face in the entire store.

I could not miss the irony that over half the masks were designed, constructed, and/or worn ineffectively. I politely contained my thoughts as I observed stagecoach-robber bandannas, homeowner sawdust masks and many with their noses outside their virtue-signaling-devices. While I do not begrudge those folks a reasonable level of oxygen in their lungs, that a completely useless covering of their smiles is the ticket to acceptance in this society is indicative of how far apart my culture is from theirs.

I was okay demonstrating what a complete human looks like until a masked shopper and I met at an intersection. Her eyes opened in terror as she whipped around and hurried off in the opposite direction as if I was a massive explosive device with a highly visible count-down timer rapidly approaching zero.

Ohmygosh! Those televisions I haven’t seen in such a long time must have spun quite a web of nonsense in the minds of their drooling audience.

Sigh. Okay. I can allow the fearful one safe space. The thrift store was unlikely to have anything I wanted. Besides, the merchandise might even be infected with the dreaded Irrational Fear Virus.
I’d hate to catch a case of that.