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Bullock making up laws after drinking too many Coronas

FIRST OFF: Governors do not get to just make crap up and call them “laws”. They are governors, not dictators, emperors, kings or anything like that.

The legislative branch (do you notice the wording here???) makes the laws. The governor, the executive branch agrees to execute them. That is how constitutional republics work, mister BULL-UCK.

NEXT UP: Many of us are intelligent enough to discount BS and ferret out credible information. If you are too dang STUPID to do that little mental exercise, you sure as heck should not go displaying your stupidity with whimsical orders from your hallucinogenic mountain top.

I very definitely am not wearing a health-compromising, submission-signaling mask to make my breathing harder and unhealthy.

You, mister BULL* can do any dang thing you want.

BUT you CANNOT order me to be as stupid as you.

In case you want a little dose of truth, here is a short video you might just be capable of comprehending. It is pretty simple and straightforward.

By the way. When I ran for the office of governor, I was at least aware of what the job entailed and the limits our state constitutions put on it. Check out the video of someone who comprehends the actual job title you wear so dang loosely.