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I do not believe it is possible to watch this movie and remain holding faith in the vaccine industry.

I do believe viewing this movie should be mandatory for every person intending to vote in an election.

Ignorance is fine for cave dwellers who have no say in other people’s lives. It is totally unacceptable for those whose opinions sway the direction of a democracy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know full well that this country’s constitution created a Constitutional Republic, but the perversion of that we live in is a democracy… two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for dinner. Thus it is important that we strive to have voters with knowledge.

With the New World Order puppet-masters driving for universal vaccines and implanted chips, the flock should be inoculated against blind faith in the pushers thereof. 

Watch this movie.

Begin to comprehend the topic of vaccines. 

Vaxxed II, The People’s Truth

Okay, a bit about the movie. The first VAXXED movie was a thoroughly researched investigation into terrible results from people, particularly children who suffered horrible side effects from the current massive vaccine schedule that is the norm in USofA. Far too many to ignore. Assassinated Robert Kennedy’s son, JFK’s nephew was drawn into this topic by respectful admirers.

The original VAXXED movie did not suggest a negative view, nor was it anti-vaccine. It simply made the case for further research. Period.

That was a serious threat to those whose fanatical religious beliefs supported vaccines with eyes and ears shut tight. It was an even greater threat to those pushing and profiting from the current vaccine use.

VAXXED II takes the show on the road. They literally took a motor-home with VAXXED graphics on it on a USofA tour and let the people with first-hand experience take it from there. This movie is a very touching, heart-rending compilation of families who have been indelibly touched by vaccines.

If you are not one YET, watch this movie before you are.