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I do not support racism’s current popularity

Racists can paint it in 20-foot-tall letters
They are the only ones that can, that do.
Central American lives do not matter
South American lives do not matter
White lives do not matter
Chinese lives do not matter
Indian lives do not matter
Eskimo lives do not matter
Filipino lives do not matter
Hawaiian lives do not matter
Mexican lives do not matter
Egyptian lives do not matter
Italian lives do not matter
Russian lives do not matter
You name it.

If they are not officially black,
they do not matter
If you disagree with any of the above,
you are a racist.

Where is this BS true?

In a handful of states (D)
In a handful of cities (D)
In the mainstream media monopoly (D)
In a handful of politicians (D)
All owned and operated by the same pool of big money.
This is not anywhere close to the whole country.
This is not even close to all black people.
This is not even every Democrat.

Who do they get to carry out this insurrection?
Mal-educated blacks raised in the welfare state.
Mal-educated white liberals trained by ruined universities.
Lamestream media.
All with the same puppet-masters.

This is 4th-generation war
This a is psychological operation
This is an attempt to tear our country and society apart
The bad actors are THE PROBLEM.
Do not let them get you thinking it is bigger than it really is.

Know your enemy