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be somebody

Driveway at end of tree row on the right

Our little road has some newcomers somewhere up the far end who must have lived on a freeway in their past life. They are blowing by my driveway at 50-60 miles per hour.

As many rural roads do, this one has driveways all along its length meaning that high speed drivers create a high risk of collision with people pulling out onto the road.

One neighbor made their situation worse by putting up a privacy fence such that they are on the road before able to see if anyone is coming their way.

This will not end without incident.

Somebody ought to do something

Turns out I am somebody

High speed traffic here would be very risky

Near one end of the road is a SPEED LIMIT 25 sign. There is another a mile away near the other end. Running on the possibility they are not seen, or that some drivers need reminders, I called the sheriff’s office, highway department and county roads department to see if we could get signs near the mid-point, or a reminder radar trailer for a few days.

Nope. Nope. Nope. We cannot do that – or that – or that.

When the collision happens it won’t be anybody’s fault. Nobody could have foreseen it coming.

So I bought official-looking 25 MPH signs online, found some official-looking sign posts locally and installed two signs in official-looking locations.

Working in the yard afterwards I heard people decelerate as they observed my new signs. This might just work. I can’t come up with a better idea.

At least SOMEBODY tried.

12 mailboxes on left with pedestrian traffic, driveway enters directly across from them

I actually did come up with another thought that old folks might recognize …
(could perhaps use some refinement)

Burma Shave