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Ravalli Sheriff does not foresee need for posse

I have attempted a couple ways to get through to Sheriff Holton with offers of having the Bitterroot Emergency Amateur Radio Services (BEARS) ready for quick deployment should emergency communications become needed. His lack of response tells me everything I need to know about his ability to foresee any hiccup with modern comms.

State Representative Manzella was among a group called “Stand Together For Freedom” who met with Holton offering to help building a response should the threat of BLM and/or ANTIFA riots come to The Bitterroot. His answer to them was essentially the same.

Quote from the Ravalli Republic article:
Holton told the Missoulian on Wednesday he doesn’t foresee such an event ever happening. If a situation arose in Ravalli County where the sheriff’s department needed armed assistance, “initially, what I would do, we would reach out to mutual aid through neighboring law enforcement agencies,” he said.

Holton said there are a number of concealed weapon permit holders in Ravalli County, but that he would hesitate to call on them.

“I can’t imagine a circumstance that would be so bad that I would do that. But the advantage is all concealed weapon permit holders do not have a criminal history and have some sort of background check and been vetted at some point. … But I can’t stress enough that there’s nothing on the horizon. I don’t have any list sitting on my desk ready to make a phone call. I just don’t see that it happening.”

Security and safety for this county is not my job, yet I seem to be much more aware of the threats than the man whose job it is. Failure to plan equals planning to fail.

There is no good reason to assume Soros-funded busloads of violent trouble-makers will not include Ravalli County in their promise to “Make rural America suffer”. When the buses arrive Holton will have no effective response available, and claim “Nobody could have anticipated this.”

Obviously the people of our neighborhoods and communities have to make up for that absence of planning and forethought.

Bitterroot Posse

Every neighborhood and community needs and deserves the ability to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. This is best done by the neighbors themselves and better still if they can do it in an coordinated, knowledgeable coherent fashion.

We therefore organize among ourselves and train with others who can be helpful in our training and in case the challenges facing us cross neighborhood boundaries or are too large for one of our teams to handle.

Regardless of your talents or experiences,

YOU can get this started

in your neighborhood.

Print out the three forms at the bottom of this article, and begin discussing them with a neighbor or two.