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COVID by the numbers

While I think they are miscalculating, the really rank (high-ranking) Democrats think the Coronovirus False Flag operation will prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected. In my part of the world (including the WWW), the Democrats and globalists are getting blamed for this, uh, whatever you think it is.

Since official responses to the COVID phenomena are killing jobs, destroying businesses, straining social relations among a myriad of negative effects, it is important that we understand what is really going on. This is such A BIG PART of our lives today, we must take an honest look at the situation.

Start here. If the table below looks even a little fishy to you, watch a bit of this clip to the right produced by a nurse who did undercover video inside the New York City hospital that is considered “The Epicenter of The Epicenter of the COVID outbreak”.

Of the Top Ten states for REPORTED COVID DEATHS, 87% of those deaths were in the company of Democrat governors. Massachusetts is an interesting case as their governor is supposedly a Republican, but the population is fully-flamed Democrat, both Senators are and all 9 of their House Representatives are Democrats. Add numbers from the RINO state in, and we have
96% of reported COVID deaths in Democrat states.

I researched and tabulated a couple of COVID Top Ten lists for us.

On to “REPORTED CASES” and we have 64-71% of the top ten from Democrat states. If you cannot smell election politics, your nose is broken.

There is some truth lurking around somewhere, but we should be very, very suspicious when it looks so much like a political pool hall.

I repeat that I have spent many hours over the last week putting together some pretty damning evidence. Please take advantage of my research to read and watch the videos exposing malfeasance at the very least.