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Corona summary

I have been pulled this way and that right along with the rest of you. Congratulations! You are measurably wiser and more educated than those whose minds are owned by lamestream media and high-ranking Democrats. The latter, by the way, are significantly ranker than lesser Democrats.

I wanted to give you my perspective, but needed to put up my most recent four posts to support an accurate view of this COVID menace that I have in common with a wide circle of friends and compatriots both local, and on the world wide web.

First off with the biggie: there is no COVID test.

They are testing for certain antibodies which are present in humans whenever the the immune system is fighting, or recently has conquered an infection. Cold, flu, or anything within what the medical community calls “THE COVID FAMILY” … darn near anything will return the “COVID-positive” result they are looking for. THIS IS THEIR BIGGEST LIE OF ALL.

Thanks to their full-court-press propaganda terrorist campaign, people are running to get their COVID test to make sure they don’t succumb to the 0.017% chance this sucker might kill them. How did they get to the medical clinic?

Hopefully not in a dangerous automobile. For 2016 specifically, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows 37,461 people were killed in 34,436 motor vehicle crashes, an average of 102 per day. You were safer staying home to get over your little flu.

Heck, there might not even be an actual COVID-19 disease unless you count the propaganda campaign as one.

Look at the panel to the right published by the USofA Center for Disease Control (CDC). They freely admit COVID positive might be a common cold… ah, but TERROR, TERROR, TERROR… fits their agenda so much better.

Doctors, nurses, interns, technicians, coroners and others report their cause of death documents being changed to COVID overnight – illegally without the attending physician’s approval, signature or knowledge.

The deceased who tested positive for COVID (see above) and and those fatalities where no test was taken or no positive result returned are lumped together as COVID deaths – they call the latter two categories “suspected COVID”. Hospitals get  $29,000 Medicare bribes per death blamed on either one, positive COVID or suspected COVID. Money talks.

I am going to put my graphical statistical analysis in a separate post. This post, along with the other four on the topic are part of a set. The lies are so many, so big and so pervasive that I feel we have to take them in bite-sized pieces.

The whole dang thing is a psychological operation with us as the target. It is many faceted, but not really that fancy or complicated.

Look at this BS-meter chart below. Previous hospitalizations. Underlying causes. We are talking about heart attacks, strokes, auto wrecks, gunshot wounds … lots of bad things happen, but a COVID claim pays $29,000 from Medicare. Hospital administrator salaries are not cheap…