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COVID, inside report, international comparison, and vaccines

three factual reports we should all see

First: “Please read your vaccine inserts”

The forensic nurse, Rachel Celler, RN, did read the inserts, and thoroughly understands them. She pleads with all medical professionals to do the same… and recommends that we do, but most of them don’t.

Rachel Celler, RN, forensic nursing specialist, dedicated to exposing medical crime.
Working to help people understand root causes of disease.
Holistic nurse
Navy Veteran

Every bit as relevant, and perhaps even more damning of those running this viral response is the following investigative report from inside the New York hospital known widely as The Center of The Center of the COVID pandemic.

Video by military veteran nurse assigned to NYC covid epicenter hospital. While in the minority among hospital staff, she shares video, audio and analysis of institutional deceit and actual murder taking place in our hospitals.

Her experiences are backed up by those of myself, family and friends. You better darn well NEED a hospital before going.

COVID numbers are ridiculously inflated. Fear is being sold world wide.

Here is another video exposing the rampant faking of the USofA and International COVID numbers

International look at COVID deaths, responses, gross anomalies

The numbers and government responses do not make sense. This video producer shows the differences and points out government misleading, propaganda and malfeasance.