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Don’t stop – refuse to be a victim

There were 3,000 kids in my high school. Some were dark skinned, but none of us were of any race. We were simply “Americans”. By which we meant not Canadians, not Central or South Americans, just USofA folks, but we don’t talk that way even today.

I spent some time in other parts of Northern California and Oregon without learning a thing about racism. Then the draft board made me spend a night in Oakland – old-town, low-rent 1968 Oakland.

The other guys stuck overnight decided to take in the peep shows prevalent in the area. That didn’t interest me, so I started wandering the neighborhood alone to take in the culture and learn a bit about this new-to-me Big City thing. At 5’2″ and 98 pounds with zero self-defense-combat skills, I soon discovered that was a bad idea.

Fortunately I grew up in nature which develops alertness, quick thinking, environmental awareness and other things that atrophy in mainstream culture. In almost no time at all a dark skinned carload pulled up next to the sidewalk I was on, “A white boy. Let’s get him.”

We weren’t far from an intersection with a ONE WAY sign on the corner. I took off for that corner before their car doors opened and was heading up the wrong way without slowing to look back. I was soon safely ensconced in my seedy old hotel room waiting quietly for the other overnight inductees to return.

I saw racial prejudice a few more times in my life. It was always a black group against white me. I have never been around any other. I also have been around FAR MORE non-prejudiced blacks and had a good number of them as friends. Thus I still do not think of it as a race thing.

It is hard not to notice that the majority of both the Black Lives Matter and the Anti-Fascist gangs are coddled, vapid white folks who may grow out of it someday … assuming LIVE BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD doesn’t take them out first. Further assuming they have an epiphany. Many, perhaps most will slide into the peasant class of a worker’s paradise if they are allowed to.

The current cultural trajectory is not sustainable. Marxist/Alinsky hunting licenses will soon be issued or unlicensed hunting become the civilized norm.

Meanwhile, you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

There are two kinds of people in this war: THE QUICK and THE DEAD.

Think fast.

Detroit police filmed driving SUV through crowd of protesters in blood-chilling VIDEO

Detroit police filmed driving SUV through crowd of protesters in blood-chilling VIDEO

A terrifying video from Detroit shows a police vehicle forcefully breaking out of a circle of chanting protesters, carrying some of them on the hood. The department said the officer behind the wheel “tried to escape” the crowd.
Perhaps the police officer has been paying attention to what happens when you stop for these rioters. The italicized above is a quote from the news source. I would not put “tried to escape” in quotes there, in fact would have described the whole thing quite differently. See why below.


Man Guilty in 1992 Denny Attack Dies

Antoine Eugene Miller, part of the mob that attacked trucker Reginald Denny in the first hours of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, died a week after being shot during an altercation outside a Hollywood nightclub, police said. Miller was shot at 2:40 a.m. Super Bowl Sunday in a parking lot across from a nightclub in the 1600 block of Schrader Boulevard, said Los Angeles Police Department homicide Detective Mike Thrasher.

The 31-year-old was pronounced dead Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman David Campbell. The cause of death was listed as complications from a single gunshot wound to the stomach. According to authorities, Miller had an extensive criminal record that included arrests and convictions for gun possession, burglary, theft and assault.

But his criminal exploits would have gone largely unnoticed had it not been for the beating that was inflicted on Reginald Denny, who stopped his truck at Florence and Normandie avenues just after a Simi Valley jury had acquitted LAPD officers in the videotaped beating of Rodney G. King. The intersection became a flashpoint of the Los Angeles riots. Miller was one of three suspects charged in that case.

In a scene captured on video footage from news helicopters above, Denny was pummeled, his skull shattered into roughly 100 fragments. One doctor later compared Denny’s injuries to being involved in a high-speed automobile accident without a seat belt.

Damian “Football” Williams was convicted of mayhem for hitting Denny in the head with a brick. He received a 10-year state prison sentence but was released about four years later. Williams is now serving 30 years to life behind bars; he was convicted last May for fatally shooting a man in Southwest Los Angeles.

Henry Keith Watson, who placed his foot on Denny’s neck, received no jail time because the 17 months he had spent in Los Angeles County Jail was greater than the maximum penalty handed down in the case.

[editor note on interpreting lamestream media language: Watch the video above to see the foot Watson “placed on Denny’s neck” and note “the brick” was a cinder block that Damian Williams shattered on Reginald’s head.]

Miller was videotaped opening the door to Denny’s truck. He spent 17 months in jail and was placed on 27 months’ probation after pleading guilty to grand theft, receiving stolen property and assault in the Denny case. Miller was arrested again in August 1994 for having a gun in his car and in 1995 received a six-month prison sentence.


Taking a shortcut off the Santa Monica Freeway down Normandie Avenue was nothing out of the ordinary for 33-year-old Reginald Denny. In the late afternoon of April 29, 1992, he had simply loaded up his 18-wheeler and headed down the road, driving for his employer Transit Mixed Concrete. Little did he know that he would drive smack into the middle of an angry mob looking for vengeance.

As his rig crossed Florence, a group of rioters enraged over the Rodney King verdict rushed toward him, pulled him out of the cab and beat him to within an inch of his life. The attack ended when Damian Monroe Williams took a cinderblock and bashed Denny’s skull, fracturing it in 91 places and causing severe brain damage.

The only reason he probably did not die that day was because four South Central residents, Bobby Green, Lei Yuille, Titus Murphy and Terri Barnett, who saw the entire incident on television, raced to the scene. Despite the risk to their own lives, they grabbed Denny, put him back into his cab and drove him to a nearby hospital where doctors were able to save his life.

Denny had to undergo years of rehabilitative therapy, but his speech and ability to walk were permanently damaged. After the trial of his assailants, he approached their families in a gesture of forgiveness. He later appeared on the Phil Donahue show to shake hands with one of them, Henry Keith Watson, and finally make peace.

Today, Denny has left Los Angeles behind. TIME made many efforts to contact him through intermediaries but they were unsuccessful; Denny largely avoids the media and rarely speaks about his ordeal. He works independently as a boat motor mechanic in Lake Havasu, Ariz., where he moved after the 1993 trial of his assailants and an unsuccessful lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles. Friends say he has gone on with his life and has even begun to drive again. “He’s doing better,” says one local who knows Denny. “It’s slow for him, but he’s getting better.”

While many truck drivers are at least somewhat familiar with the 1992 Reginald Denny story above, many are not. Hardly anybody under 50 years old has heard of it. In a culture where we learn whatever the government schools and lamestream media want us to think, this wisdom has to be renewed in light of the resurrected racial violence.

Regarding the recent trucker takedown shown in the video directly above I saw a clip from another angle where one of the attackers was trying to figure out how to get up on the concrete median for a flying jump onto the hapless driver. When the pack smells blood, the prey is soon dead.

The police “arrest” was the only thing that saved that trucker’s life.

In this video the mob attacks the lone white boy with fireworks. Note that these displays get their colors from various metals each glowing a different color when turned molten by the burning propellants that send the plasma far into the sky for the amusement of people safely distanced.

Not only will this video never be seen on media monopoly channels, none of lamestream broadcast or print will show you the burns this kid suffered.

Below is the correct response. A pair of double-taps (4 A-zone hits), mandatory magazine change, six steel targets dropped all in just under ten seconds … by a “Super-Senior D-Class” shooter (probably shooting a “C-Class” performance).

While that may seem harsh, this pack will no more likely turn into good people than those who attacked Reginald Denny.

Criminal assailants are not stopped by laws. Their last intended victim must do that.