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The battle for Coeur d’Alene

As I mentioned some time ago, the ANTIFA fascists promised to “Take It To Rural America”. While it would be premature to gloat, or to relax, they continue to be shut down every place where Democrat governors and Democrat mayors do not run cover for them… like in rural America.

Places where the pansies and daisies elect socialists is smooth sailing for the social engineering thugs. The rest of this once-upon-a-time free country is not quite as soft as they thought.


01 June 2020 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – 10pm Monday evening and the hush of night falls over the resort town of Coeur d’Alene where Antifa and its many snowflake followers had planned to teach Idaho rednecks a lesson. But somehow Idaho militia groups intercepted intelligence disclosing the Antifa terrorist’s plans – and the thugs were met by an army of citizens, ready, willing and able to defend their city.

Their first confrontation took place at a WinCo shopping complex near the edge of town where busloads of paid protesters from nearby Washington State were disgorged. Undoubtedly the agitators were ready-to-rumble, begin breaking windows and collecting their “free stuff”. What a surprise when this motley crew of malcontents found themselves facing stern faced, heavily armed citizens – hundreds of them, standing almost shoulder to shoulder, AR-15’s slung over the shoulders, .45 semi automatics in their holsters. Waiting . . . watching.

Another group of terrorists headed for downtown Coeur d’Alene, the heart of the small city – only to be met once again by hundreds of heavily armed citizens. Some of the citizens walked the streets – AR’s strapped to their backs – others sat on folding chairs in shopkeepers doorways with their AR’s across their knees. Everywhere you looked, in the doorways, in the windows, on the rooftops, stern faced, silent men watched and waited.

The battle of Coeur d’Alene will long be remembered – for the battle that never was. Antifa agitators packed up and headed back to their parent’s basements – empty handed.

Si vis pacem, para bellum
– a Latin adage translated as “If you want peace, prepare for war” –

I am going deeper on this soon, but the kids on the buses are stupid devoid of courage and tactical skills. The people putting them on buses are NEITHER. Plus they have near infinite money behind them … attached via spider web to the people who print the money.

Do not count on being able to send a text message to your posse, neighborhood watch, men’s group or whatever you thought was the team you could count on to protect the village from pillage. The operators have many ways to turn off your phones. We better have a Plan B.

– Ted –