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CHAZ – strange thing happened on the way to the surrender

Maybe it wasn’t that unpredictable. As I reported several days ago in CHAZ-CHOP-POOF, the chiefs who claimed to be in charge declared victory then retreated to their homes outside the occupied zone. However, huge numbers of indians didn’t follow those abandoning the “fight”.

The mayor did not roll up the concrete barriers she had so conveniently provided. Presumably supply shipments into the occupied zone are still running, along with the electricity, water and probably the portapotties.

The next act may be a doozie. For a second time in their history, deadly-arch-rival motorcycle gangs The Hell’s Angels and The Moguls have supposedly agreed that their mutual dislike for ANTIFA/BLM exceeds their interest in fighting each other. They are promising to DE-OCCUPY Seattle and return it to those who bought and paid for it.

NO. That rumor has been denied by Hell’s Angles spokesman Sony Barger.

Another is that Bikers For Trump has invited any and all patriots to celebrate USofA Independence Day by turning out the naive pawns who have found a purpose for their lives… by playing bit parts in a game they don’t understand.

Now this one seems more likely than the first. It also has the potential to have wheels of its own with no centralized leadership, no ON/OFF switch, and a huge number of people nation-wide who want to see the punks punted back to their basement worlds of make-believe.

Local residents are offering up staging areas, and probably other support.

I don’t think this will be the presstitute pageant the organizers were hoping for… difficult to hang any bad bits they may be able to tape on Trump, and the vast majority of voters will be cheering wildly even if there is some head cracking of the brown shirts.

The Soros gang may organize a second, more permanent retreat before their defeat at the hands of disgusted real Americans.

One Bright Side to this Seattle mess, Lamestream Media just lost another chunk of their fawning garbage gobblers.