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going to the dark side


from:  Maude Jo 

The masks are trauma based mind control for a weaponized virus they have begun out ahead of the implosion of the Quadrillon they ran up at the Casino this time.

[ted: the paper money mountain is about to collapse. They know they cannot prop it up much longer, which is why they are talking about new currencies, crypto currencies, a currency reset …]

This is why they need a vaccine aka new currency. They need a faux civil war because they need the justification to activate the military in this country when Americans’ drug of choice, dark Luciferian fiat’s purchasing value goes to zero over six months.

The phrase “I can’t breathe” and the word “black” are being used as a mass mantra for a ritual. As in Black Magic. Pay attention to how often, the repetition of these, in what you read. What you hear. How often are you using them? I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. Black, black, black, black, black, black.

Americans at this point are willfully participating in atypical run of the mill psychopath addict chaos sorcery. It’s the same triangulation, same abuse pattern you’d get from a psychopath addict on the street with some reckless behavior they’re trying to hide. It’s the same animal.

It’s always the money honeys. Empires fall by their debt. Not a virus.

I know the Democrat/Soros side hate Trump and will do anything within their power to get him out of the way, but I have not figured out WHY. He is doing most of what they want done. Yeah, the Trump/Q Team does seem to be taking down pedophiles and some long-entrenched crooks, but on the big things not much has changed.

Bottom line: I don’t think Trump is going to save us. We must do our utmost to protect, harden our local communities. As Matt Bracken beautifully describes in my prior post, we are in for exciting times.

– Ted –